Airport Obstruction Removal Nears Completion, Restores Critical Habitat

MRRA recently did some tree pruning on airport property on the north side of Bath Road. The goals of this project were to:

  • Meet FAA obstruction clearance requirements
  • Maintain approach minimums/ night approaches
  • Restore critical sand plain grassland habitat

A look at the land that was cleared.

Now that most of the trees have been removed, the next step is to re-seed the area in the spring to promote grassland growth. Once complete, this project will create new habitat for some of the endangered species found on MRRA lands and airport property. With the removal of the trees and reconstruction of the north runway blast pad extension, which was jackhammered, MRRA has added about 18 acres of habitat for the endangered sand plain grassland bird species, including the grasshopper sparrow and upland sandpiper.


Diagram of areas to be cut.

The project was funded with leftover monies from FY11 Military Airports Program monies.

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