237 Neptune Drive


Available for redevelopment

Envisioned Uses: Commercial kitchen, distillery, shared food services incubator, culinary school, food processing

Previously Building 201 “Neptune Hall” former Navy mess hall
Year Built: 1953
Approximate size: 9,425 SF / 876m2
Dimensions: 125′ X 88′ X 31′

  • Full-service kitchen and bar
  • Stainless steel throughout food service area, including appliances, countertops, prep area
  • Dining area with patio al fresco option
  • Receiving area with loading dock
  • Cold and dry goods storage area (2 walk-in coolers; 3 walk-in freezers)
  • Banquet area
  • Food service administrative offices
  • Ample parking
  • Backup power generation
  • 700A 120/208V service 3 phase

Previous Use: Mess Hall


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View the 237 Neptune Drive spec sheet.