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Brunswick Landing Real Estate

The following buildings are for for lease.
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If you have any questions regarding the information provided, please feel free to contact MRRA at (207) 798-6512. To apply for space, please fill out the MRRA Business Information Form (BIF)

Brunswick Landing and Brunswick Executive Airport Properties

Airport / Aviation / Aerospace Use and Manufacturing Buildings

166,000 SF hangar in Brunswick Maine

Can handle six 737-sized planes.

2 Pegasus Street (Hangar 6) — Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) facility. Used by Navy for the P-8 Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft. About half hangar and Class A office space available. 166,335 SF

10,000 SF SCIF in Brunswick Maine

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.

Cybersecurity Facility at 148 Orion Street (Building 554) — IT, secure data center with military grade security. Only a couple buildings like it in the world. Good location for financial services back office operations in need of redundancy. 10,000 SF / 929m2

aircraft hangar for MRO, maintenance, 50,000 SF

Can fit two C-130s or similar sized planes!

Brand new LED lights, door: 74 Orion Street (Hangar 4) — Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul of aircraft. Can handle two C-130s or similar sized aircraft. 51,400 SF / 4,775m2 Door height: 40′

160,000 SF hangar for aircraft maintenance, repair, overall MRO

Second largest hangar at BXM!

112 Orion Street (Hangar 5) — Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul of wide-body aircraft. Twin 42,000 SF bays. Can fit three 737s or similar sized aircraft in each bay. 163,454 SF / 15,185m2 Door height: 44′
Hangar 5’s Middle Bay also available with premium office space.

TechPlace, Maine's newest manufacturing incubator and technology accelerator

TechPlace Now Open!

Tech Place / 74 Orion Street (Building 250, “TechPlace”) Technology Accelerator and Business Incubator 93,000 SF / 8,639m2. Shared space for start-up manufacturing businesses, aviation, aerospace, advanced composites, biotech, renewable energy industries preferred. More info. about this project.

Remote, quiet location on airfield

Brunswick Landing’s best views at 417 Allagash Drive (Building 231)Former air traffic control tower with offices, computer room, electronics repair shop. Secure building ideal for aviation/aerospace special projects, IT, and UAS research and development. 15,661 SF / 1,455m2 

airport land for hangar construction in Maine

Airport land

Airport land — Build your aircraft hangar at BXM. Space to build corporate or GA box hangar to meet your needs. Large MRO hangar locations available. Multi-acre parcels depending on dimensions of hangar.
See designated lots for 1,600, 2,500, and 3,600 SF condo style hangars.

Small plane storage

NEW: 36 Orion Street Brunswick Executive Airport General Aviation T-hangars — 10-bay, 12,000 SF aircraft storage facility (Fully leased). Contact us to be placed on a waiting list or to discuss land leases for building your own hangar.

Multi-use, Business, Offices, Call Centers, Manufacturing facilities, IT, Data Centers, Biotech and Composites Industry Buildings (purchase or lease)

Frosty's Donuts building

119 Orion Street (Building 51) — Professional Office, Light Manufacturing, flexible floor plan, 4,200 SF

Neptune Hall

Loading dock and cold storage.

237 Neptune Drive (Building 201 “Neptune Hall”) — Brewery, restaurant, distillery, food services. 9,425 SF / 876m2

Premium office space at 2 Pegasus Street (Hangar 6) – Class A Executive Office Suites in highly secure building. Former MRRA headquarters!, 4,260 SF / 396m2


Redevelopment Land for Sale at Brunswick Landing

Parcels up to 12 acres available for industrial, technical businesses, and community mixed use. Shovel ready lots with utilities in place or nearby.
Lots Phases I and II subdivision (call 207-798-6512 for details). More details, Brunswick Landing subdivision maps

SeaBee Complex (land) — Professional office design and build

Other MRRA-owned properties currently leased by Brunswick Landing businesses

166 Orion Street (Building 553) — Former Navy ground support equipment maintenance facility. 16′ overhead doors, 3-phase power, direct access to flight line, open floor plan. 15,888 SF / 1,476m2 Leased to STARC Systems.

125 Purinton Road (Building 19) — Former Navy carpentry shop 6,000 SF / 557mLeased to Harpswell House.

145 Allagash Street (Building 632) — Manufacturing and light industrial usage or office building. 3,200 SF / 297m2 Leased to All Natural Technologies.

54 Orion Street (Building 86) — Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul. Flexible floor plan with mezzanine office suite. 35,295 SF / 3,279m2 Leased to Washburn and Doughty.

58 Burbank Avenue (Building 538) — Vehicle service, repair station, light manufacturing, 5,292 SF / 491.6m2 Leased to Brillant Automotive.

2 Pegasus Street (Hangar 6) — Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul 166,335 SFLeased to Tempus Jets and Hoyle Tanner and Associates.

180 Orion Street (Building 153) — Light Manufacturing 7,800 SFLeased to Black Diamond Whiskey.

Under Contract

Topsham Commerce Park Properties

13,000 square foot office building

Two stories of premium office space.

Former Flag HQ Army Reserve Office at Topsham Commerce Park (Building 333) – Professional Office, 13,248 SF (historic building eligible for historic preservation tax credits) 1,231m2


11 Atlantic Avenue (Building 102) – Open floor plan, light manufacturing or secure data analytics and data center storage, co-location. 4,242 SF — SOLD (Flight Deck Brewery)

18 Atlantic Avenue (Building 223) — IT, communications facility, call center, office space, 4,302 SF / 400m2 — SOLD (The REAL School)

121 Orion Street (Building 55) – Professional Office, Light Manufacturing, flexible floor plan, 10,000 SF / 929m2 —  SOLD (Skordo Spice Co. occupying 5,000 SF)

46 Burbank Avenue (Building 11) – Professional Office, Technology Center, 52,381 SF — SOLD (For Wayfair project)

119 Orion Street (Building 51) – Professional Office, Light Manufacturing, 4,200 SF — SOLD (Frosty’s Donuts production facility)

179 Admiral Fitch Avenue (Building 585) – Chapel, Museum, 13,610 SF — SOLD (Brunswick Naval Museum)

24 Venture Avenue (Building 25) – Fitness Center, 22,885 SF — SOLD (The Landing Y, Bath YMCA)

179 Neptune Drive (Building 516 “Nite Flight”) — Brewpub, Restaurant, Function Hall, 14,983 SF — SOLD

4 Leavitt Drive (Building 639) – Professional Office 2,335 SF — SOLD (Cardente)

Former Commissary (Building 335) – Retail Store, Professional Office — SOLD (Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Co.)

62 Pegasus Street (Building 583) – Multi-purpose – SOLD (Pathways of Maine)

16 Burbank Avenue (Building 31) – Professional Office, Contact Center – SOLD  (Pathways of Maine)

29 Burbank Avenue (Building 24) – Professional Office — SOLD (Seeds of Independence)

142 Neptune Drive (Building 750) – Professional Office, Technology Center – SOLD (Coastal Landing Retirement Community)

Real Estate Development Opportunities at Brunswick Landing

Brokers take note: MRRA’s Real Estate Commission Policy

Be sure to check back frequently. We’re continually receiving surplus former NASB property for redevelopment from the United States of America federal government.