Brunswick Executive Airport Turns Four



Brunswick Executive Airport (BXM) opened as a general aviation (GA) airport on April 2, 2011, three months before the official Naval Air Station Brunswick closing.

A lot has happened in just four short years.

More $13 million in capital improvements have been completed with funds from the FAA’s Military Airports Program, with another $11-plus million in upgrades on the docket for 2015-2019.

Airport improvement highlights include:

  • The first hangar designed specifically for general aviation was completed. These T-hangars provide  10 units for private aircraft storage.
  • Crack sealing and joint repair projects were completed on the primary runway, 1R/19L.
  • The former Navy Air Operations Building was renovated to serve as an Air Terminal building, now home to FlightLevel Aviation, Maine Coastal Flight, and MRRA.
  • The first stage of renovations to Hangar 5 were completed. This project repaired the hangar roof and replaced two of the buildings 4 boilers that had failed.
  • Two design-only projects were completed. Improvements to the airport stormwater systems were designed based on the previously completed stormwater survey. A new Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) building was designed to facilitate maintenance of this critical equipment. Both of these projects will be constructed during 2015.
  • A new approach lighting system was installed for runway 1R.
  • A new airfield lighting vault was constructed and demolition of the old vault was completed. The new lighting systems has increased lighting reliability and reduced electrical utility costs.
  • Runway obstructions were removed from the approach path for runway 19L.

Future planned Capital Improvement Projects include:

  • Restore the airport glycol capture system used for aircraft deicing operations
  • Installation of new safety systems for Hangar 6 doors
  • Building 295 Fire Protection System repair and upgrade
  • Repair pavement and parking apron and remove excess airfield pavement
  • Provide power pedestals installation for GA tie down areas
  • Wildlife fence installation (as required by Wildlife Management Plan)
  • Remove runway 1R/19L centerline lights
  • Replace Runway 1R approach lighting system
  • Construction of a new hangar suitable to support the storage requirements for GA aircraft

These kind of improvements, plus the State of Maine’s elimination of sales and use tax on aircraft and parts, have made BXM more attractive to businesses. Five aviation businesses, with more than 40 employees between them, now call BXM home.

  • Tempus Jets
  • Kestrel Aviation
  • FlightLevel Aviation
  • Maine Coastal Flight
  • Greisen Aerospace (TechPlace)
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