Brunswick Landing Power Costs to Remain Lower Than Average

MRRA to Offer Electricity Rates at Less Than 10 Cents Per Kilowatt Hour —  Much Less than the Market Rate

MRRA has replaced many of the lights at Brunswick Landing with more energy efficient LED fixtures.

MRRA has replaced many of the lights at Brunswick Landing with more energy efficient LED fixtures.

An article on the front page of October 6, 2014 edition of the Portland Press Herald painted a gloomy picture for electricity prices in Maine for the coming winter. The article stated that, for commercial customers on Central Maine Power’s Standard Offer, electricity prices will be almost $0.14 per kilowatt hour in January. This price is just for the electricity supply and does not include CMP’s charges to deliver the power to the customer. These electricity supply price increases are related directly to forecasted natural gas prices and natural gas capacity issues (i.e. the pipe to get gas here).

The good news for Brunswick Landing businesses that receive their electricity from MRRA is that they will not see these price increases. In August 2014, MRRA signed a new electricity purchase agreement with Constellation NewEnergy (through Maine Power Options). Under this new agreement, MRRA will be buying electricity at a fixed price of $0.05185 per kilowatt hour for 37 months. Adding in the distribution charges we pay to Central Maine Power to get the electricity to campus (on average between $0.03 and $0.035 per kilowatthour), we expect to be able to deliver electricity to you for about $0.10 per kilowatthour (plus a system maintenance charge based on your electric service size) for the next 37 months. This is significantly below the market rate!

If you have any questions about electricity delivery at Brunswick Landing, please contact Tom Brubaker by e-mail, using MRRA Contact Form, or by phone at 798-6512.

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