Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation

Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation is a progressive and innovative business campus located at the former Naval Air Station Brunswick (NASB). The 3,200 acre (1,300 hectares) property is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, close to 2 million square feet (200,000m2) of commercial and industrial space, and a world class aviation complex (Brunswick Executive Airport – BXM).

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Brunswick Landing can meet the needs of businesses looking for medium- and large-size industrial space, maintenance and repair facilities and professionally appointed administrative offices. The campus is optimized for composites and advanced materials, light manufacturing, aviation/aerospace, biotech/biomed, information technology and renewable energy businesses.

Brunswick Landing is also home to TechPlace, a technology accelerator/manufacturing business incubator with shared workspace, small office space and manufacturing space for start-up and early-stage companies to grow and get to the next level of business!

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Learn about the business climate for industry and supply chain development at Brunswick Landing and the Topsham Annex. There are so many opportunities for business development and expansion in the fields of renewable energy, aviation, composites, information technology and tourism at the 3,300 acre properties. Take a closer look to see the benefits of landing your business here.

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Brunswick Landing Businesses

Brunswick Landing welcomes the following new businesses. Click on the company names to be taken to their web sites. Or download a copy of the Brunswick Landing Business Directory. For more details on TechPlace businesses, visit the TechPlace website. TechPlace businesses