Building 11, Former Navy Exchange, Receiving Facelift for Wayfair Move

Photos of the Wayfair / Building 11 construction project

Work is under way on refurbishing the 52,381 SF building at 46 Burbank Street (former Navy Building 11), which will become the new home of Wayfair’s Brunswick Landing operations. The construction crew will be working extremely hard to meet the June deadline for Wayfair’s planned move into this facility.

wafair_500Building 11 is the former Navy Exchange department store, which Navy personnel used for grocery shopping and other household goods. There were even a couple eateries based in here at one time.

Wayfair will lease about 40,000 SF. Another 7,500 SF will be available for warehousing from future owner of the building — Priority Real Estate Group.

MRRA is lending a hand with construction of new parking lots for the Wayfair staff, expected to number up to 500 employees once at full capacity.

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