MRRA, Town of Brunswick Open Bike and Pedestrian Path Along North Perimeter Road

Perimeter Road

SeaBee gate now open.

We’re pleased to announce, that as of this morning, we have opened the Seabee gate at the end of Allgash Drive to bike/pedestrian access along the north perimeter road parallel to Bath Road.

This allows cyclists and pedestrians to reach Brunswick Landing from town (and vice versa) via Pine Street. Work will continue to improve access on the Pine Street end with a 14-foot paved path under construction.

For now, both MRRA and the Town of Brunswick are using Jersey barriers to prevent vehicular traffic at both ends of the newly opened thoroughfare, which is about 4,000 feet in length. These barriers will eventually be replaced with removable bollards.


Download Town of Brunswick’s map of Pine Street Walk / Bike Access.

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