MRRA, Village Green Ventures Sign Ground Lease for Renewable Energy Power Plant Construction

It's a deal!

MRRA Executive Director Steve Levesque and Village Green Ventures CEO Dave Weyburn shake hands after signing documents for a new anaerobic digester power plant to be built at Brunswick Landing.

Anaerobic Digeser

Proposed Anaerobic Digester renewable energy plant (left) to be built at Brunswick Landing with locator map, right.

BRUNSWICK LANDING — MRRA is pleased to report that we have executed the ground lease and power purchase agreement with Village Green Ventures for the anaerobic digester project. Ground breaking is expected in May, with power generation by end of year. MRRA Executive Director Steve Levesque lauded the perseverance of MRRA Public Works and Utilities and Clean Tech Manager Tom Brubaker, who took the lead on pushing this important project through.

When the power plant is up and running, it will produce about 1 megawatt of electricity and would meet a good portion of Brunswick Landing’s current power needs, thereby greatly reducing or eliminating electricity delivered over CMP’s distribution grid to the campus. This project is an exciting concept and consistent with MRRA’s mission and redevelopment plan for a renewable energy center at the Brunswick Landing.

The digester will be built on an approximately 4.25-acre parcel just to the south of the parking apron on the east side of the BXM airfield. The plant will be fired by methane gas, which will be created by the breakdown of organic materials in the digester. In addition to electricity, the plant will supply about 1.5 MMBtu per hour of thermal energy, which may be piped north and used to help heat some of the larger facilities and hangars at Brunswick Landing.

Download Dave Weyburn’s presentation from the E2Tech Meeting for more info. about the Renewable Energy Plant proposed for Brunswick Landing.

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