New MRRA Progress Maps Illustrate Redevelopment Project Activity at Brunswick Landing

The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority continues to forge ahead with redevelopment of the former NASB property. Recent property sales and lease activity has given us some momentum heading into 2015. We track our progress through multiple means and channels. Maps provide the big-picture look at our progress. In this posting, we have uploaded a couple of recently updated maps that show how the property is being redeveloped. We’ll keep these maps up to date as more transfers of surplus federal property take place here.

Figure 1 below shows the individual property owners at Brunswick Landing. MRRA remains the largest property owner with 1,327 acres or approximately 43 percent of acreage inside the fence. The Town of Brunswick is the second largest property owner with 734 acres (23 percent) while the Navy continues to hold significant property (517 acres / 16 percent of the total) for third place. These numbers will changes when MRRA acquires more property as it is found suitable for transfer (FOST) via economic development and public benefit conveyances.

Brunswick Landing, Maine's center for innovation

Figure 1. Property ownership at Brunswick Landing

Figure 2 shows sales and lease activity at Brunswick Landing’s so-called “cantonment area”. We have sold land and buildings to several key real estate developers, including George Schott, Priority Group, Tom Wright, and Cardente Real Estate. Sold property is indicated in red. We have several parcels under contract (blue overlay) and expect to close on some others soon. We also have property under lease (yellow) to more than 50 businesses here. It should be mentioned that the airport will for the foreseeable future, be owned and operated by MRRA. Airport property may not be sold; only leased.

Brunswick Landing, Maine's Center for Innovation

Figure 2: Sales and Lease Activity at Brunswick Landing

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