Photos: Seabee Compound Demolition

Urban Renewal continues at Brunswick Landing

This week the ongoing demo project has focused on the former Navy Construction Battalion “Seabee” buildings along Bath Road. We’re leveling all but three of the buildings, but eventually all of the structures will come down. This parcel features about five acres of prime real estate with about 800 feet of frontage along one of Brunswick’s key commercial strips. We would like to combine it with a couple other adjacent lots and redevelop this property as an office complex.
McGee, the demo contractor, continues to do excellent work and has efficiently removed more than 20 buildings that are unsuitable for redevelopment.

Next week, the project will move to Building 20, the former Navy post office and credit union facility. At nearly 26,000 SF, it will be the largest building to meet the wrecking ball in this demo contract.

We’ve already completed the job at the former Topsham Navy Annex. Four buildings have been leveled at Topsham Commerce Park.

Demolition maps


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