Aerial View of Property Map Shows Most Recent Transactions at Brunswick Landing

MRRA continues to make great strides in engaging the private sector in the redevelopment effort. On May 6th, we closed deals with the Priority Real Estate Group of Topsham on two more lots (5 and 47).

Below is the latest aerial map, which tracks our sales and leasing progress (in as close to real time as possible) of Brunswick Landing properties.



While MRRA remains the largest property owner here, you can see that others are starting to catch up. The red shades on the map represent sold property. Blue is property under contract while yellow indicates the property is under lease. The dark gray colored sections are public benefit conveyances, i.e. transfer of surplus federal property to entities such as the Town of Brunswick and SMCC.

Our most recent transactions include two lots on Admiral Fitch Ave. totaling about 4.5 acres to the Priority Real Estate Group, and the sale of the former Navy Chapel to the Brunswick Naval Museum.

Both of these deals closed just before New Year’s we’re pleased to report.

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