Design Guidelines

MRRA has developed community design guidelines for Brunswick Landing and the Topsham Commerce Park that will translate the vision of the NASB Reuse Master Plans into a vibrant “live, work, learn and play” environment. These guidelines will ensure consistency and quality in community design, will protect and enhance values and sense of place, and will set standards fo sustainability and energy conservation.

The intent of these guidelines is to provide greater clarity to citizens and developers on design, with an emphasis on guidance, not requirements.

The Community Design Guidelines are broken up into sections to accommodate the document’s large size. Click the links below to access the Guidelines.

Brunswick Landing Design GuidelinesChapter 1 – Origins
Purpose of the Design Guidelines
Submittal Process
Background Studies
Local Regulations
Planning Context
Reuse Master Plans

Chapter 2 – Guiding Principles
Sustainability Principles

Chapter 3 – Public Realm Guidelines
Sidewalks & Streetscapes
Parks & Open Space
Sustainability of the Neighborhood
Multi-Use Trails
Stormwater Management
Signage & Wayfinding

Chapter 4 – Private Realm Guidelines
Brunswick Landing: Aviation Related Business
Brunswick Landing: Business & Technology Industries
Brunswick landing: Community Mixed Use
Brunswick Landing: Professional Office
Brunswick Landing: Residential
Topsham Commerce Park: Business & Community
Topsham Commerce Park: Parks & Recreation
Topsham Commerce Park: Residential
Brunswick Landing & Topsham Commerce Park: Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 5 – Implementation
Design Submission Checklist
Color Palette
District Maps
Zoning References

Community Design Guidelines Summary