Revisions to NASB Reuse Master Plan

Reuse Master Plan

A comparison of the existing and proposed plan.

MRRA has proposed a revision to the NASB Reuse Master Plan. A special Board meeting and public hearing (duly noticed) was held February 26th. MRRA’s Redevelopment Committee reviewed the proposed changes on February 12th and is recommending approval by the full Board.

The major elements of the proposed changes include:

1. Re-designating approximately 16 acres of land adjacent to the former See Bee Complex to Natural Resource protection (formally designated for professional office development).
This change is recommended to recognize and reflect the existence of significant wildlife habitat and appropriate land use buffers occurring in that area.

2. Consolidating the professional office district into the community mixed-use district.
This change is recommended due to the aforementioned re-designation of the 16 acres; the existence of other environmental constraints (wetlands and vernal pools) existing in that area, both of which reduce the effective critical mass of the professional office district; the overall desire of the Town to reduce the amount of zoning districts within the community; and our desire to provide more flexibility in the land use types at Brunswick Landing.

3. Re-aligning the primary entrances to existing major roadways.
This change is recommended to reflect new thinking and discussions with the Town of Brunswick and property developers about appropriate traffic entrances.

4. Realigning the natural resource and airport areas on the west side.
This change is recommended to reflect the new conveyance of property in the tower complex and a land swap with the Town.

Please note that these plan amendments do not reflect the specific parcelization of the property conveyances on the west side.