What’s Happening at Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation and Technology?

Brunswick Landing is Wired for Data Centers, Co-Location, and Other Secure IT Businesses

Steve Levesque, MRRA Executive Director

Steve Levesque

Brunswick Landing: Maine's Center for InnovationBrunswick Landing, Maine’s Center for Innovation, is home to the largest data center north of Boston and several other growing IT companies. This high-tech business campus, strategically located on the property of the former Naval Air Station Brunswick on Maine’s beautiful Midcoast, is being redeveloped for civilian use by the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA). When the Navy was here, its primary mission was aerial surveillance in support of NATO military operations. Its mission required meticulous construction of sensitive compartmented data and impenetrable information facilities with high-speed, secure networks. Now many of these same state-of-the-art facilities are available for immediate reuse by the IT industry. This is the time to see how your business could benefit from being in a strategic location like Maine with the ability to be up and running in days rather than months. We invite you to visit us or call to learn more about IT opportunities at Brunswick Landing.

Steve Levesque, Executive Director, Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority

Power Your IT Project Here With 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Brunswick renewable energy plant

Aerial view of anaerobic digester from the southwest.

The Navy left behind a self-contained power grid that MRRA, an EPA Green Power Partner, has upgraded and energized with 100 percent renewable electricity. By expanding your business to Brunswick Landing, you’ll have access to reliable green energy at competitive rates. We’re currently managing a more than 2 megawatt load over 15 miles of line. Later this year, we’ll begin generating our own power right on campus with a new anaerobic digester renewable energy plant, which will generate power using organic waste material. Neighbor Bowdoin College is building a solar power generation facility on the west side of the aviation complex. With on-site power generation and plenty of space available, we can scale up to meet the electrical needs of growing companies without big infrastructure costs or the hassle of dealing with the power company. Learn more about MRRA’s grid and the Brunswick Renewable Energy Center.

SCIFs, Contact Center and Data Center Facilities Available for Sale or Lease

SCIF, Brunswick, ME

148 Orion Street

Brunswick Landing has some of the best available secure data center and co-location facilities in the Northeast U.S., The buildings are move-in ready and are powered by reliable 100 percent green energy. They come with backup generators, three-phase power, and single mode fiber optic networks. Call us today at 207 798-6512 to inquire about space for your company’s expansion. Here are some of the  prime IT buildings available at Brunswick Landing:

  • 148 Orion Street (Building 554) – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) 10,000 SF
  • 46 Burbank Avenue (Building 11) – Contact Center, Technology Center, 52,381 SF
  • 121 Orion Street (Building 55) – Small Data Center, Professional Office, 10,000 SF
  • 4 Leavitt Drive (Building 639) – Professional Office, Customer Contact center 2,335 SF
  • 11 Atlantic Avenue (Building 102) – Rack space, Cloud computing, 4,975 SF

Also, more and more facilities are transferring to MRRA so please do not miss an opportunity to become the next great company to call Brunswick Landing home! Contact Bob Rocheleau  MRRA’s Property Manager for more details.

Oxford Networks Data Center Expanding Capacity by Sevenfold

Oxford Networks opened its Brunswick Landing Data Center in the former U.S. Navy Command and Control Center (Building 87) three years ago. Due to its success and tremendous business growth here, Oxford Networks is expanding the high security cloud computing and data storage area in the 52,000 SF facility, which has built-in 8″ thick electromagneticly shielded  walls, 24″ raised anti-static floors and is guarded by a dual perimeter security fence. The expansion will increase the data center’s computing footprint by 7,000 square feet and result in an anticipated 12 new positions at the center.

The latest on the expansion from Oxford Networks:

Oxford Networks continues its 7,000 square foot data center cloud computing expansion with an anticipated completion of August 2014. According to Ron Shink, Oxford Networks CTO the expansion will greatly expand the facility’s cloud computing capacity.

“This expansion will enable us to maximize the potential of this unique high security data center located right here in Maine. The market demand for ultra secure cloud computing and data storage products and services is growing every day and this expansion will uniquely position us to offer leading edge technology to our customers in Maine, New England and beyond,” said Shink.

Oxford Networks is documenting the construction with a monthly video update. Click here to view video. For more information visit www.oxfordnetworks.com

SaviLinx Contact Center Finds Home in Former Navy Command Headquarters

Heather Blease, CEO and Founder of Savilinx, launched her new startup business at Brunswick Landing about a year ago. Savilinx is leasing 10,000 SF in the former Navy Administration Building. According to Savilinx, “the infrastructure is perfect for a contact center operation.  Not only is the building highly secure, it has full power back up and large redundant networks. The building was designed to continue to operate in the event of a nuclear catastrophe during the cold war.”

Maritime Modeling Business Capitalizing on Military-Grade IT Infrastructure

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) opened its Maritime Modeling Center here about three years ago. It employs 50 technicians who create the computer-aided design (CAD) models of clients’ vessels.  The model is used throughout the life of the vessel for multiple purposes – for example, verifying the integrity of the hull and analyzing the stability of the vessel if it is involved in a casualty. ABS was attracted to Brunswick Landing by the quality of its workforce, educational opportunities and the available infrastructure.

“Maine is an important maritime hub with a strong workforce and top-tier schools,” ABS Chairman Robert Somerville said.  “As a former Naval Air Station , Brunswick Landing also provides the infrastructure that will allow us to secure the intellectual property of our clients.”

Well-trained Workforce in Place, IT Instructional Programs Available

At Brunswick Landing, you’ll be able to tap into a highly educated and well-trained workforce of IT professionals. In addition, Southern Maine Community College and the University of Maine Engineering School are located right on campus and will work with companies to offer customized training classes and certification programs. Some of our tenants are already benefitting from the convenience of having a college only a block away to fill up their employment rosters with the latest technical trained local talent.

MRRA Staff Enjoys Data Center World Conference

Data Center World – April 28, 2014 – May 2, 2014 Las Vegas, NV Trip Notes: Data Center World is the premier international conference for data center and facilities managers put on by AFCOM (Association for Computer Operations Management). The conference draws upon the knowledge and experience of the more than 3,500 AFCOM members to create an end-user driven program that focuses on providing real solutions for today’s data center and facilities managers.
The conference had a myriad of educational sessions with some more technical than others however we learned where the industry was going and what are the hot buttons for locating facilities. The fact that Brunswick Landing will have green energy generation; ownership of the power grid, utility poles, duct banks and Brunswick Landing is located away from population centers such Boston and New York places us higher on the list for locations.

Convenient Brunswick Executive Airport Adjacent to Brunswick Landing’s IT Facilities

Few technology parks have a 1,000-acre airport right on campus, which is another reason to consider Brunswick Landing for your business expansion. Brunswick Executive Airport (BXM) has twin 8,000-foot runways, a full-service fixed base operator, rent-a-car, tie-downs and long- and short-term leases on hangar space available. Doing business on a global scale? BXM is only a five hour flight from Europe and an hour from Canada. Brunswick Landing is also a designated Foreign-Trade Zone so you can eliminate, reduce and defer duties on imported goods.