Video: Oxford Networks, STARC Systems Team Up on Data Center Project

Brunswick Landing businesses Oxford Networks and STARC Systems collaborate on innovative IT modular suites

Organizations that must meet stringent data security standards are increasingly seeking solutions to make their data and IT operations more secure, flexible, and private. Oxford Networks now offers such a solution, providing customized modular suites to customers of its Brunswick Data Center through a vendor relationship with local manufacturer STARC Systems.

Located at Brunswick Landing near the Oxford Networks Data Center, STARC Systems manufactures a modular containment structure with panels that are used by contractors across the United States primarily for containment of dust, debris and noise during renovations in healthcare facilities. Compared to traditional containment methods, STARC’s modular design enables construction of a dust- and noise-free perimeter in just minutes. Additionally, STARC panels are engineered to exceed the healthcare industry’s most rigorous infection control standards.

Working together, STARC and Oxford Networks applied this same philosophy in designing a containment system to accommodate rack space for servers. The units allow technicians to quickly reconfigure the perimeter as a customer’s project progresses, or to easily and quickly add or subtract space as needed. Servers are secured in their own space, and can be accessed with a lock and keypad. Customers further benefit from super-efficient cooling and redundant power – staples of the Data Center.

— From Oxford Networks website

“The look and functionality of these paneled suites, combined with the ease of assembly and relocation of its walls, are distinct advantages over traditional cages, especially as our customer portfolio changes,” explains John Coray, Data Center Manager. “The insulating characteristics of the panels provide a positive effect on airflow and server cooling.”

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