Who Owns What? Conveyance Map Shows Diversity of Landowners at Brunswick Landing

This newly updated map shows the property distribution at Brunswick Landing. It reflects Public Benefit Conveyances (PBC), Economic Development Conveyances (EDC), sales, and other transfers of property that have occurred since the Navy left.

There are now 16 separate landowners here. MRRA is the largest landowner with more than 1,300 acres; the bulk of which is airport property. The Town of Brunswick is second with 734 acres. The Navy is still a significant landowner with 572 acres. Affordable Midcoast Housing and Bowdoin College are also in the top 5 with 237 acres and 135 acres, respectively.

One of MRRA’s goals is to engage the private sector in the redevelopment project. This map clearly demonstrates that goal is being met. We continue to market some of our non-airport property for sale. We can also do land leases in some instances, such as the case with Village Green Ventures’ anaerobic digester project.


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