With first snowfall of season on way, back entrance to Brunswick Landing to close for winter

With heavy snow in forecast for Tuesday, Merriconeag Road and Orion Street, from the back entrance to Brunswick Landing near Mere Creek Golf Club to just south of former Navy Building 153 at 180 Orion Street, will be closed to vehicular traffic for the season at the end of the business day, Monday, December 28th. MRRA is placing Jersey barriers at both ends of the road to prevent motorists from accessing the road.

MRRA does not plow this stretch of roadway. Its policy is to close this seasonal thoroughfare once we receive the first plowable snowfall of the year. The road remains open to pedestrians, skiers, and bicyclists. It will re-open to vehicular traffic in the spring.

MRRA closes roads and back gate.

MRRA has closed the back gates for the season. Merriconeag Road to Orion Street, as highlighted in yellow, is closed to vehicular traffic.

MRRA closes Merriconeag Road for the season.

Please seek alternative routes until spring. Thank you.

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